Hidden Object Pumpkin Patch for Android

Android Hidden Object Pumpkin PatchHidden Object Pumpkin Patch is one of those addicting games that you just can’t stop playing once you start. It’s a Halloween-themed game with multiple levels of difficulty and different categories to keep you interested.

The object of the game is to find a set of given items in a picture. Once you have found all of the items in a picture, you unlock the next level and get a new image and along with a new set of items to find in it. There are also multiple difficulty levels to choose from. The Practice Mode level has the purpose of showing new players the ropes and helping them get the hang of the game as it highlights the hidden items. Casual is the simplest one, as there is no time limit, but there are also no bonus rounds. Normal is the next difficulty level that follows, and it’s timed, but there’s bonus rounds that allow you to earn extra points. The Challenging level is exactly that – challenging. Items to be found are rotated, but you do get 1.5 times the points.

Within each level there are also different categories, the difference in each being how you find the hidden items, and they each cost the player a different amount of coins. Finding hidden items by picture is the first category available, and it costs 100 points to unlock it. Finding items by silhouette and by word are the next categories, which cost 150 points, and making it a random mix of all different categories is the last option, which costs 200 points.

As a player, you earn coins by finding hidden items and unlocking new levels. You can also play one of two mini game options available, Math 3 and Memory, as a way to earn more points. The Daily Reward is like a jackpot which gives the player the possibility of earning points every day through three free daily spins.

Purchasing the game is another way of earning points, and it allows for an ad-free experience. However, regardless of whether you go with the free or the purchased version, the game is still the perfect mind exercising game. It’s addicting, it’s fun and it’ll keep you wanting to unlock the next level and continuing to make things more and more challenging. It’s the perfect pass time game, especially when looking for a Halloween-themed one.

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