Simple Mind – A Free Mind Mapping App for Android 3.0 and Later Versions

Simple Mind App ReviewSimple Mind by ModelMaker Tools enables users of mobile devices running on Android versions 3.0 and up to create a mind-map when in the process of picking one’s brain, collecting thoughts on a topic, or when brainstorming creative concepts.

Simple Mind app users can sketch out a mind map whenever and wherever an idea hits them, or to continue working on a mind mapping task while away from their personal computer. Serving as a thought structuring device with easy to use drag and drop nodes, sub-nodes, and quick-to-access edit buttons, this app allow users to put ideas into clear perspective even while on the go.

Simple Mind Main App Features

This mind-mapping tool by app developer MindMaker Tools is actually an extension to the desktop application also by the same developer. Any ideas or thoughts worked on while away from the PC can be exported to the Simple Mind desktop version, or to the Dropbox application of an Android-supported device.

When using this app, a user can log in without the need to open an account as the app still saves all the recent work accomplished, but only within the device. However, MindMaker Tools recommends for the user to create an account as doing so permits cloud -saving, which provides a separate data storage medium. In the event that the device is lost or not available to use, a Simple Mind app user can easily retrieve the work done by logging in to one’s account via desktop or with any Android device.

Simple Mind has an easy to use interface, making it effortless for app users to draw and edit mind maps even while on the go. The task bar presents icons for creating a mind map, commands for undoing or redoing recent actions, options for map color and style, and for adding or inserting new topics to a created mind map.

The mind-mapping task can be initiated using a single large ellipse representing the Central Topic from whence all other nodes will originate. The controls for creating and for branching out with new nodules appear right next to the Central Topic node.

Simple Mind App Control Features 

Organising one’s thoughts through this mind-map tool can be done in a jiffy. Tapping on the Central Topic nodule reveals tiny, yet wieldable buttons that let app users create additional nodes, label, as well as add notes to, or to edit accordingly. To add more nodules, simply tapping on the node will likewise reveal the same set of tiny knobs that let users perform the same set of actions. Users can also copy and paste just as they would when using the PC-based Simple Mind application.

To enlarge the screen images, tap and hold on any blank space to reveal the zoom in/out icons at the bottom of the screen.

To create a new mind map, tap on the File icon on the Task Bar, as it opens the control buttons that will produce another Central Topic nodule to work on. Label the new file by tapping on the Pen symbol and from there start work on another mind-map using the same control features.

Tapping on the Network Icon enables users to send or save the completed task to their PC-based Simple Mind application, or to the device’s Dropbox application.

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