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Pop the Lock AndroidEvery app store is chock-full of freebies that are vying for the attention of potential users. In a world that’s continuously inundated with new and better and more exciting games, it can be hard for developers to make their offerings stand out.

And yet, stand out is exactly what Pop the Lock for Android does. Even more impressive is the fact that this game can grab one’s attention without violence, zombies or fruit ninjas. At first sight, the game does indeed look very simple. But don’t let that simplicity fool you. As every gamer knows, sometimes the simplest of games can grab a gamer’s attention and leave them begging for more.

Pop the Lock is kind of a like a time management game. But not really. Or perhaps it would be more comfortable under the category of strategy.

The premise of this game is quite simple: there is a lock in the middle of the screen. On the top of that lock in the center of the screen is a red line. Still following? Next, the player must tap anywhere on the screen. This tap sets off an addicting chain of events. After that initial tap, the red line begins to move.

“Where is that line going?” one might ask. Well, dear reader, that line is headed straight for a yellow dot that is seemingly randomly placed on the perimeter of the lock. It is then up to the player to accurately time the precise moment when that previously mentioned red line and that tricky yellow dot will overlap.

If the timing is successful, the little red line will then rebound and go back the way it came. And by the way, that sly yellow dot will also relocate. Thus the madness begins again. Time the overlap of the red line and yellow dot to continue advancing through the game.

This humble little offering will keep players on their toes since one never knows where the yellow dot will end up. After a few rounds of red line/yellow dot tag, the player will be rewarded with an even more challenging lock and perhaps a very satisfying level advancement as well.

It may take a few tries to get used to the timing aspect. But isn’t that part of the fun in downloading a new game?

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