Pulse News Reader Android app Review


The Pulse News Reader Android app is one of the most slick and fluid ways to enjoy your favorite news feeds.



  • The Pulse News Reader Android app is the best of RSS news feeds readers that you are going to find out there on the Android
  • You will be able to check out all of your favorite news websites, blogs, and other sites and put them into one overall mosaic that you can check out with a quick glance
  • All you have to do to access it is to simply click on the news article and you will be able to see a cleaned up view of the article and then read the story
  • There are zoom options you can access and you can even toggle the option to see the original article
  • You will be connected to social networking sites where you can share links with your friends or whoever might be interested
  • This app will integrate both Facebook links as well as Google Reader to be able to give you the best reading experience around
  • The animations for the mosaic are also pretty slick


This is a great app when it comes to people wanting to keep track of their favorite RSS news feeds.  The app does a really good job of taking Google Reader and integrating it with the app. There are little things on the app called mosaic tiles where you will be able to see all of your favorite news streams as well as your other items.  Each of these tiles will come with their own descriptions and you can open any of them up by simply tapping on it one time so that you can read while on the go.  You can even toggle between the original article or the web version of the article, whichever you prefer.  There are also some zoom features that you can mess with including the double tap as well as the pinch zoom. If you find some feeds that you really like then you can also easily share them with your friends and family over popular social networking sites if you would like.  Pulse is one of the best RSS news reader apps out there for the Android right now.

This app has been given some pretty great reviews and it is currently sitting at a 4.3 out of 5 star rating by those that have downloaded it and checked it out. The app is also free to download onto your Android device.

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