Ninjump Android app Review


In the Ninjump Android app you will be able to take your little ninja and have him fly up the walls in order to help you get a high score.  Dodge the angry birds and the squirrels or you may find yourself on a long fall back down…



  • If you are agile and quick with the fingers then you will love the Ninjump Android game
  • The point of this game is to rack up your score as you skillfully climb up the walls
  • As you climb up the walls you will notice that there are all kinds of things that you have to avoid in order to keep getting higher.  These things include birds, squirrels, deadly ninjas, and the occasional dynamite explosion
  • This game also has the addition of leader boards so you can test your scores against those of the top players in the world
  • It also has features for social networking so that you can post your high scores for your friends to see and try to beat.
  • The graphics are in 3D and the controls are actually really responsive and easy to use


Who doesn’t like ninjas?  That’s right, nobody.  Any game that involves a ninja has to be pretty cool in some aspect of another.  This one manages to be cool in multiple ways.  First of all, the objective is super simple so it is a game that you can pick up and start playing right off the bat.  As you get higher, the difficulty starts to increase and you will have to really be on top of your game in order to get a high score.  You will have to use a variety of jumping into your enemies and then steal their powers in order to help you get higher up the walls.  The more you play this game, the more addicting it will become as you try to beat your initial high scores.  The only real issue with this game is that when you get to the higher levels it will start to lag out quite a bit and that can lead to you running into obstacles and eventually dying.  Pretty frustrating especially if you are close to beating a previous high score when it suddenly lags out and you find yourself falling to your death.

This game has been reviewed by many different people and currently is holding steady at a four out of a 5 star rating.  The game is also free for you to download onto your Android phone.

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