Video Caller ID Android app Review


The Video Caller ID Android app is a great way to customize your contacts so that personalized video appears every time that they call you.



  • It seems like there are so many different calling apps that come out that it can be hard to know which ones are worth downloading.  This one definitely is.
  • Every time that a contact calls you on your Android phone you will be able to show a personalized video instead of just their picture or their name
  • You can also block any unwanted calls when you are using this app which makes it great for caller id uses as well as visual uses
  • You can also add some other options to each of your contacts.  You can mute the ringtone or the video and also have options for the contact picture
  • The best part about this entire app is that it is free.  There is enough going on in the app that you would gladly pay a few bucks for it


This is a super cool video calling app for the Android.  On most Droid phones you can already see a Facebook picture from their status that will come up every time that the person calls.  Why settle for that when you could actually get a personalized video to come up for every person in your phone.  This kind of customization is unheard of when it comes to free apps.  This app will allow you to replace the static picture that you normally have with a video shot from your phone, or the app will allow you to actually shoot the video. You can personalize the app by either using the same video for all of the calls that come in or you can actually go and personalize each and every caller with their own video.  One thing you will have to be careful of, however, is making sure to disable your current phone ringtones so that you don’t get the sound from both the video and the ringtone going at the same time.  You can do whatever you want with it.  A pretty cool free app by all accounts.

This app has been given some pretty good ratings and is currently sitting at at 4.65 out of 5 star rating by Android app users out there.  The other big bonus this app is that you can download it off of the Android app marketplace for free.

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  1. yoyo says:

    On my done it wont appear full screen

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