Ninja Kaka – Fruit Dojo Android app Review


The Ninja Kaka – Fruit Dojo Android app is a great way to pass the time by swiping your finger across the screen while you are slicing fruit.



  • This is one of those super simple games that can be extremely addicting because of how fun it is.  You will love the replay value that comes along with slicing fruit
  • The gameplay in this app is also super straightforward and you will love how easy it is to just pick up and play.  You will have to be quick, however, or you may start losing points
  • The game works by throwing up fruit from the bottom of the screen and you will then have to use your speed and skill in order to slice all of it before it falls back down.  You do this by simply swiping your finger on the screen through the fruit
  • You will have a time limit that you will have to slice all of the fruit under, so you will have to work fast in order to get all of it
  • Also, you can get combos as you continually slice more and more fruit.  If you miss fruit then you will lose the combo and have to start all over again
  • There are also leaderboards in this game so that you can see how you rank against other ninja fruit slicers from all over the world.  This is a good way to see how good you really are
  • The controls are also very responsive and you will not have any problems making your swipes count against the fruit that is tossed up


This is actually a super fun app for you to be able to try out on the Android.  You will be able to strategically cut up all kinds of fruit as you use your incredibly enhanced slicing skills.  You will have to slice all of the different fruit under a strict time limit in order for you to progress to the next level.  If you can keep slicing in a mixture of combos then your point total will start to really ramp up.  If you miss, you will have to start your combos over again.  Once you get to the higher rounds of the game then you won’t want to start missing the fruits or your points will start to get deducted.  The level difficulty also increases so you will have to cut more fruit and faster as time moves on.  The only con about this game is that it is missing some of the key elements that are available in its iPhone counterpart.  It is missing things like the bombs, the type of sword you want to use and also the different play modes.

This app has been given a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars by Android app users who have purchased and downloaded the app onto their phones.  You can also download this app off of the Android app marketplace for $1.99.

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