Exchange By TouchDown Android app Review


The Exchange By TouchDown Android app is as close as you can get to having full access to Microsoft Outlook on your mobile Android phone.



  • This little app is the best way to stay organized in your personal life as well as in your business.  This way you can receive and send out all of your specialized emails as if you were on your very own Microsoft Outlook account
  • This app is migrated from a domino server to the microsoft exchange server 2007 and it also includes the capabilities of ActiveSync
  • On the email section of the app you will be able to switch between all of the different folders that are available including the inbox, the sent box, the draft box, and also the deleted box
  • You will also be able to perform all of these actions in real time with the help of ActiveSync.  Other accounts don’t automatically sync up your accounts and it can be frustrating
  • The calendar can be viewed weekly, monthly, daily, or even in an agenda view.  You can alert yourself to different events and things that are coming up
  • You can use the active directory in order to sync up your contacts.  You can also add them manually


The Exchange By TouchDown Android app is packed with all of the mobile email features that you would want if you were going to be switching to an Exchange server by Microsoft.  You will be able to get a full email, contact, and calendar capabilities.  This is great because it can keep you organized and completely flexible in your mobility if your job relies on an email address such as this.  This is literally a Microsoft Outlook that you can have right on your phone and it works with exchange 2003/2007.  This is the best way to stay completely organized on your phone.  Other apps just don’t come close to this one when it comes to email calendar and contact capabilities.  You will be able to use the Active Sync push technology to be able to send and receive all kinds of mail.  You also can switch between folders such as your inbox your sent box your deleted box and also your draft box.  You can also manage how you are going to mess with your read and unread states.

This app has had pretty good reviews from Android app users and is currently sitting at a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.  You can also download this app onto your phone for free for 5 days and then after that it will cost you about $19.99 for licensing.

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