LauncherPro Android app Review


With the LauncherPro Android app you will be able to take your default home screen and really add quite a bit to it.  You can have up to seven screens with an incredibly smooth and quick scrolling ability.



  • This is a super sweet app that allows you to have a better home screen interface for your Android phone.  It has a  bunch of new features that are exciting and easy to use
  • One of the main features is that of the scrolling that is in 3D.  The scrolling is super smooth and seamless and you will never be able to go back to the old choppy scrolling like before
  • You can also get some really cool screen previews that are all animated.  For instance this could be Expose or even the HTC sense page
  • You can also configure the settings of the app to allow you to have up to 7 different home screens so that you can fit all of your apps onto it.  This also comes with bookmarks, widgets, and some shortcuts
  • If you want, you can also use the pinch feature to zoom out and see all seven of your home screens at a simple glance
  • There are also some changes with the way notifications appear. You will actually get notification icons that are all numbered to represent your missed calls and text messages and emails


This is a pretty sweet app that has been created for the Android operating system.  This is based around the home app and it just adds to it and enhances it quite a bit.  The scrolling on the app is extremely smooth and you will be able to see all kinds of different animated previews for screens.  You will also get numbered notifications for new texts that you get, missed calls, and even new emails.  The cool 3D roll effect is also a nice bonus that has been added to this edition of this home screen app.    This is just the ultimate home browser when you have a lot of apps because you can customize the settings to allow you to have up to seven different pages that can be visible that are loaded with different apps that you have put on your phone.

This app has been rated by Android app users and has been given a rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.  This makes it one of the best Android apps of 2010.  The other bonus to the app is that it can be downloaded for free.

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