Super Stacker Android app Review


The Super Stacker Android app is a fun puzzle game that allows you to stack blocks from the side and try and get yourself to the higher levels.  As you progress through each of the levels you will have to deal with the difficulty levels getting harder as well.  This will challenge you to try and time your taps so that you can get all of the blocks lined up in the center of the screen.  You will also get bonuses as you get farther in the game so that you can one up your high score.  There are leader boards that you can check out to see where you rank among other players.



  • This is a decently fun game for the Android.  In this game you will have to stack your blocks in order to get high scores
  • All of the blocks will fit into the group on the side.  You will have to try and put all of the blocks on top of each other in order to align them and get points
  • If you miss any of the blocks that come into the screen then they are counted as lost and the speed of the game will pick up quite a bit
  • The farther you get in the game, the harder the levels will become.  The difficulty will continue to increase and you will get bonuses the longer that you can stay alive in the game
  • There are also some leaderboards online that you can check to see who the local leaders are so that you can try and get the highest scores.  You can also see the global leaderboards
  • This is a fun way to waste a few minutes here and there while stacking up your blocks
  • You will have to use a mixture of timing and tapping in order to get everything aligned in the center


This is a pretty popular game and it can be very very addicting.  The main concern that users have had with this app is that over time it gets really repetitive and you get kind of bored.  If they could just spice it up a bit and offer a few more elements of gameplay or design then it would stick out more as a quality puzzle app for the Android market.

This app has been given decent ratings, nothing spectacular.  It currently sits at about 3 1/2 by users that have tried the app and played it.  The game is also completely free to download which makes it even more appealing.

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