Flight Track Android app Review


The Flight Track Android app is the best way to keep track of all of your flights and make sure you make it to your destination on time!



  • If you go on a lot of international and domestic flights then this is really the best app for you to use in order to track them in real time
  • This app is packed with features including the ability to see live flight tracker maps to see exactly where they are and if they are on time or not
  • You will also be able to track all of your international airline flights so you can have a good idea of what time you might be arriving at your destination
  • Another cool thing that is included in the app is that you will have a widget on your home screen that will give you the latest status updates on your flight
  • There is also an offline mode that you can access to be able to get other information if you don’t have service wherever you are
  • This app is also integrated with TripIt and there is an option where you can get imported data that is almost seamless.  This is available with the update
  • You will get detailed information on all of the flight information that you want to know about
  • You can also have the app notify you every time there is a change to the flight status.  That way you don’t actually have to be checking the app all of the time, it will contact you instead
  • You can also search for flights by either entering in the route, the flight number, the date, the departure, the arrival, or just the airline
  • You can save certain flights that you want to have constant and updated information about.


If you travel quite a bit then you will definitely want to get your hands onto this app.  This is the best way to stay updated while you are moving across the country or across the world.  You will be able to check flight times, delays, layovers, and anything else that might change suddenly that could really mix up your plans.  No longer do you have to just sit around at the airport and just hope that someone will come and tell you what in the world is going on.  With the Flight Track app you can now have all of that information right on your phone for you to pull up whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

This app has actually gotten some pretty great reviews and has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  This app also costs around $4.99 to download onto your mobile phone.

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