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Are you looking for a truly impressive racing platformer for the Android?  If you are then look no further than the Asphalt 5 Android app.  In this racing app you will have the opportunity to race in a variety of different cars including Lamborghinis, Fords, and Kawasakis.  This game will take you through some breathtaking environments and you will race against some of the most competitive AI to date.  For an ever changing racing experience you can also play in the multiplayer mode online.



  • In this prestigious racing game you will get to control some of the best cars in the business including Kawasaki, Ford, and Lamborghini
  • The game is all in 3D and boasts some impressive graphics.  The vehicles look true to life and the environments are extremely detailed and very interactive
  • This game is meant for higher end Android devices in order to get the most out of the game.  If you have a lesser phone then you should look into Asphalt 3
  • Fully utilizes the 3D accelerometer and is very sensitive to each tilt and turn that you perform on the phone
  • Has a multiplayer mode online that you can use to play against friends and strangers.  Offers a lot of replay value for racing fans
  • The sound effects are very realistic and the musical score is original and exciting
  • The AI drivers that you will compete against are actually pretty good and will challenge even the best virtual gamers out there
  • Most of the game can be stored to the SD card instead of the internal memory which is actually a big plus since this game is fairly large
  • Other than a few of the intense moments in the game the gameplay is fairly smooth. If there is a lot going on in the screen then it can get jerky sometimes
  • You will win cash for winning races which you can use to upgrade your cars as well as hotter girls for when you win


As far as graphics on a racing game, Asphalt 5 can’t be beat.  The cars look incredibly realistic and the environments are just as stunning.  This is one of those Android games that has finally lived up to its potential in that area.  The main concern with this game is the lack of smooth gameplay.  When there is too much going on in the screen the gameplay gets laggy and jerky, even on the higher end Android phones.  This is a little disappointing and can effect your overall performance in the race.  If it weren’t for this little glitch, this game would be one of the best gaming apps on the Android.

Voted 4.6 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can currently be downloaded for $6.99 off of the Android app store.

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