Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child Android app Review


If you loved the first chapter of Mystique then you will love the new Mystique Chapter 2: The Child Android app.  In the first game you were stuck in the bathroom and had to unleash different clues in order to move out of the dreaded room and escape the horrors that were awaiting you there.  In this second chapter you find yourself locked in an abandoned hospital.  You must learn to keep your cool and find clues to help you move from room to room and eventually get out of the spooky hospital.  Be careful though, for as you move throughout the building you may run into horrific monsters or even see the unearthed child itself…

This sequel to the first Mystique game has really outdone itself.  It features a variety of new locations and gives you a lot more to do as you try and keep your sanity and escape from the evil predator on your tail.  The gameplay is intuitive and fun, and you will be on the edge of your seat as you work to unlock the secrets that await.

The graphics are pretty incredible for the mobile industry.  It features 3D graphics that are similar to Playstation 1 and feels very real.  There are also some added controls to make the game better, including a save game feature that allows you to save the game when you take a call or text someone and then pick up the game right where you left off.  This feature allows you to take as long as you want in each room without having to be rushed.  The only problem is that you don’t want to stay in any one place for too long or you may not like what the outcome will be!



  • This is the sequel to the first Mystique game and offers a variety of new options and features
  • The locations are much larger and you will have a lot more to do in each location before moving on
  • Eery music that keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense
  • Use the touchscreen to touch different items and clues and work your way from room to room
  • 3D graphics that bring this puzzle game to life
  • A save feature on the phone so you can go back and resume at any time


One of the best horror apps out on the Android today.  The puzzles are super challenging and will keep you awake at night wondering about them.  Bendroid has really done a great job with this game and it is well worth the three bucks if you want to freak yourself out a little bit.

Voted 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.

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