Homerun Battle 3D Android app Review


One of the best Homerun Derby game apps to date.  I mean, who doesn’t like to hit home runs?  This brings the adrenaline rush of a big hit right to your mobile device.  You can face off against competitors to strut your stuff and hit a few out of the park.  The online capabilities of this app are probably the most addicting as you can play anyone from across the world and challenge their batting skills.  This game was ranked the Best Sports Game of 2009 because of its ability to entertain and it’s impressive performance.  It has amazing graphics that are comparable to the Wii and also contains smooth gameplay.

One of the other big successes that comes along with Homerun Battle 3D is that it does a good job utilizing the accelerometer.   You use it to aim your hits in the strike zone.  As you time your swings, you will tap the screen at the same time as you press x to nail a homer almost every time.   The game also offers background music, vibration, and unique sound effects to help you feel like you are actually in the ballpark.  Get your baseball gear on and start slugging away!



  • Includes a single player mode as well as a multi-player battle mode
  • Multi-player battle mode allows you to compete in the homerun derby with other players online
  • Picture-in-picture matchups online, so you can see your competitors
  • Ability to customize your player: these customizations include the face, hair, skin, body type, cleat, glasses, jersey, shoes, pants, eye patches, helmets, bats, gloves, and more.
  • You can continue to customize your player as you win achievements
  • Can use the Gold Balls to buy different items
  • Able to view the Online scoring and ranking system
  • Great usage of the accelerometer


This game has some impressive graphics and is a very addictive 3D Homerun game.  It is very balanced, and does a good job of showing off the hardware and software of the Android.  Some of the options such as picture-in-picture match ups online and being able to customize your player and uniform, help the game to stand out above other smartphone apps.  On top of that there is online scoring and ranking, which keeps you always wanting to beat other people’s scores.  Overall, it is a good app for the price and will give you hours of quality entertainment.

Voted 4.75 out of 5 by Android app users and runs for around $4.99.

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