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Aliens have landed and they have abducted your fellow cows!  It is up to you to follow the UFO and re-take you bovine friends.  You will climb higher and higher through intense levels, gaining power ups as you go until you reach the final showdown.  Move quickly but be careful not to fall…

Abduction! Is one of the better Android apps of the year and offers simple gameplay and a fun storyline.  It takes full advantage of the accelerometer and allows you to tilt and move your phone around until you finally reach the alien horde.  Along the way there are lots of mini games and bonus items to collect.  You will get surprise crates and extra points as well as High Jumps, Crumbies, and Safety Nets.  The High Jumps allow you to jump super high for a certain period of time and cover a lot of ground.  Safety Nets are pretty much an extra life, and allow you to fall off the cliffs one time without making you start over.  Crumbies are an extra piece of land to jump on but you only get to use them once before they disappear.  If you do fall down, just change the difficulty level and try again.

With the additional download of ScoreNinja, you are able to post high scores and to let your friends see how well you’ve done.   This allows for hours and hours of play time as you get closer and closer to facing the aliens that stole your herd.



  • Vector Graphics that perfectly suit the theme and feel of the game
  • Are able to toggle the graphic performance ration in the menu options
  • Based completely on the accelerometer, will challenge your balance skills
  • Crumbies set off the vibration feature
  • Can turn off sound for muted play


This game holds to a cute theme and even cuter graphics.  Not meant to be a visual stunner, only to help pass the time when you are bored.  You will find the gameplay very addictive and even find it fairly challenging the higher you get up.  It has a fun use of the accelerometer, and utilizes it fully.  The only problems with it are the sound options (which are meager) and the fact that you have to change the difficulty setting after each time you fall.  Would be much easier if it just had a “play again” options after you die.

Voted 4.2 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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