Phonalyzr Android App Review

One of the main strengths of the Google Android interface is the ability for tracking activities that occur on a phone running under that system. Google has always been very good when it comes to this area in all of its operations and the Phonalyzr app for Google Android is just one more example of what they have the ability to accomplish.

Under normal circumstances, you would be drawing information about your call activities from your call log. A call log will adequately fill that role, but it is hardly something that you can really get any good information from. You’d have to manually keep track of every call and that is not something you likely have the time to do.

If you use Phonalyzr Android app on the other hand, you can actually graph your calling habits and take a close look at them. Since the graphs that Phonalyzr generates are taken directly from the data recorded in your call log, you can definitely be sure that you are getting the complete picture when you look at them.

Phonalyzr mobile apps for Android has the ability to generate a graph showing you the regular calls that you receive versus the missed calls you receive, letting you know exactly how often you answer the phone when it is ringing. It also allows you to take a look at the average minutes per phone call, the average number of calls you receive per unit time and the distribution of call times counted over the course of your entire call log.

The amount of statistical data available in your call log is significant, but most people would not know it just by taking a look at the call log that they have. This is why Phonalyzr can become so important to the average person. With it, you can get a beat on your calling habits and that in turn can help you figure out just how dependant you might be on the cell phone that you have at your side.

In the end, it is really more for how it presents the information than what it does that Phonalyzr app for Android is a great software program. Even though the information is there in your call log already, Phonalyzr cuts through the fluff and points out the important facts. That kind of excellence in freeware is appreciated by our reviewing staff. As a result, we’ve given Phonalyzr Android app software package a best android apps score of 8.5 out of 10.

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