Hulu Plus Now Available On Amazon AppStore

Hulu Plus Now Available On Amazon AppStore Finally, the official Hulu Plus can now be downloaded on a device that does not feature the official Android Market App! In an announcement made last week by Amazon, it said that Kindle Fire would support Hulu’s internet video app for TV shows and streaming movies. The app […]

Best Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5

Best Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5 Have you updated your Android Market Yet? There was a release of a new Android Market update which has been available for a few days now. The Android Market 3.1.5 has shown to run a lot smoother on Tablets and is much faster on smartphones than they previous […]

Glow Hockey Best Android Apps

Description Playing hockey right within the comforts of your own home is now made possible by android. Thanks to Glow Hockey. This very exciting game follows the same mechanics as hockey but it is played using your mobile phone. The mechanics of the game is to make sure that you score against your virtual components. […]

Robot Unicorn Attack for Android

Description Android’s Robot Unicorn Attack is a platform game by android that promises to bring you loads of excitement and thrills as you take a roller coaster ride chasing your dreams. Unicorns rare mythical creatures but in this game, you control them. Accordingly, being the robot unicorn will make you run fast and swing freely […]

AirAttack HD for Android

Description This two-part application by Android is definitely the hottest air attack game with impressive 3D graphics. It brings you straight to the battlefield with all the noise and the action. It comes with 8 great missions and enemy types that number up to 58. Thus, you will never get bored because of the many […]

Illusia App for Android

Description Every game of Illusia promises thrill and action as lots of stories unfold. This game of role playing is made even more exciting of graphics that are patterned from anime. Unlock the secrets that are buried deep in Illusia’s tower. While battling with mythical creatures and other characters, get inspired by its unique storyline […]

Hopeless: The Dark Cave - Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

HopelessIf you’ll take a trip back down memory lane with me to Saturday’s once spent at the arcade, there is a very specific kind of game that was always the one of the most fun to play. Whether it was Galaga, or Pac-Man, or some other cabinet game, they all had one key component in common. They were easy to learn, but they were impossible to master. These games were always the best because they constantly left you wanting more, while simultaneously delivering it.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave, is like that in every sense of the phrase. It creates an environment that sucks you into it, and allows you to instantly feel good at the game. However, as it progresses, each level becomes harder and harder making it more difficult to succeed. Eventually, you and your allies are overrun in the cave. Oh, did I mention that you get adorable little glowing blobs for your allies? They’re pretty awesome to say the least.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave has also taken a few other notes from our favorite retro classics. Wave style combat. No matter how many you kill, there’s always another wave of evil monsters waiting for you. Each wave builds until it breaks, and then a whole new nightmare works on emerging from the darkness. With blobs that have upgrades from utility items to advanced weapons, there’s just a small glimmer of hope in that hopeless cave that you, and you alone, might be able to save the heroic blobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

With at least 4 different game modes that can be unlocked by simply playing the game, you have tons of challenges awaiting you as the player. Can you withstand wave after wave of an endless ocean of monsters? Can you do the same thing again, but with monsters that have to be double tapped to be put down? If you somehow master all of that, can you battle the enemy within as you face blobs that are infected with parasites and are bent on destroying everything you believe in? In addition to the numerous types of game play, the game has a soundtrack that’s bound to leave your heart racing.

So, do you think you have what it takes to survive in Hopeless: The Dark Cave? Feel free to give it your best shot; but remember, it is easy to learn but impossible to master. That in short is what makes it the perfect game. It’ll provide hours of fun with the convenience that it fits in your pocket and can be played anywhere, anytime. Not to mention that you’ll have an impossible time trying to get bored with it. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

7 Weeks App

Change your Life in 7 Weeks with the 7 Weeks App

7 Weeks App7 Weeks is an app that is perfect for those trying to lose a bad habit, like smoking or cursing. However, it can also be useful for adding good habits in your life, like working out. It gets its name from the 7 weeks is the time it takes to rid the habit, according to author Charles Duhigg’s. This app draws heavily from his book, The Power of Habit”.

It really does help to have a reminder when trying to add a positive habit into your life because most people tend to forget and resume their regular habits That’s the reason people will get a year’s membership to a gym but never go. 7 Weeks can help you get the most of that membership and make it a habit! The app isn’t going to turn you into a superman, but it can help you organize your goals and achieve them.

Right off the back, the menu screens and user interface looks sleek and nice. The red and black is a great color palette to use. That’s just the default setting, however the app is has multiple colors to create unique interfaces.

The tutorial is simple to use, and the menu itself is intuitive. Just create a habit to start or get rid of, and every day that is successful gets a mark it on a calendar. The goal is, of course, to hit that 7-week mark which is a “success” break or start a new habit. After using the app correctly, the habit becomes part of the routine.

Thankfully, this app has plenty of useful tools and widgets guide the user. There are more features here than just a calendar. For example, in case someone forgets to workout (as a new habit they want), they can set a reminder or an alarm to remind them to workout. There will be days that you will miss or even cheat. These can be marked down too, but the app is only as honest as the user!

In a way, this app is a game to help you live a better life or even a healthier one. The goal is to make it to 49 days, you “win”, but there are no losers in this game. It seems that this app takes the mantra at “one day at a time” and doesn’t scold you if you have a cheat day. The app is simple and efficient to use, and completely. Although it does gives customers an option to upgrade that adds more features and takes out the ads. However, even the free version is a slick app.

Bottom line: This app is perfect trying to rid a bad habit and can’t seem to do it, and the easy to use interface makes it that much better.

100 Doors 2

100 Doors 2 – App Review

100 Doors 2100 Doors 2 is the much-anticipated follow-up to 100 Doors. 100 Doors is one of the most popular puzzle games in the history Google Play Store, and the game takes you through a series of doors that will unlock a great mystery. You do not walk through the doors without working hard for the key, and you must use your imagination if you want to make your way through the game in one piece. This article explains how 100 Doors 2 properly follows up its predecessor.

Every Room Has a Puzzle

You must solve a puzzle to get from one room to the next, but you must use your imagination and items in the room to solve each puzzle. The puzzles in each room get progressively more difficult, and you must be prepared to use the items in each room in a new and unique way. Only your ingenuity will get you through each room, and you will walk into a new room that is even more difficult than the one you just left.

100 Doors Total

You must get through 100 doors if you wish to make your way to end of the game, but you will be challenged along the way. You must be prepared to think outside the box if you want to make your way to the next level, and you must use the items in each room in ways that you would not normally use them. You must think of the game like a genie who never gives you exactly what you asked for, and you must look at the items as means to an end.

It Uses Your Whole Device

You must be prepared to use your whole device when you are playing 100 Doors 2. You may shake your phone, tilt your phone and swipe on the screen to get what you want. You may forget to use these techniques when you are playing, and you will instantly run into problems that are going to cause you to get frustrated. You will avoid frustration if you are using every function of your phone to pass each level.

Search For Items Carefully

You are required to search the game for some of the items you need, and you will not be able to move on until you have found what you need. Finding the items could be just as difficult as solving each puzzle, and you must be diligent in your search for the items you need. The game does not necessarily tell you that you need a new item, but you must assume that something it missing.

100 Doors 2 is a fun game that will challenge you with puzzles that you may not understand at first. Your diligent play will help you enjoy the game more every level, and you will slowly make your way through 100 Doors to the end of the game. You may download the game now to see how the puzzles on each level work.