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Spectra Souls Best Android Apps Games

Spectra Souls Best Android Apps Games

Embark on a 7 year war with Android’s Spectra Souls application. Whether you want to play Human or Demon army, you can experience the best that both worlds have to offer. Besides, you can choose from among the 84 characters that are distinct on their own. Exclusive with Android you can only expect for the […]


Bakery Story Android Apps

Description Tired of the usual battle ships and fighter planes on your mobile phones? Here comes Bakery Story and its colorful graphics that will make you even crave for more sweets. This android application is all about making beautiful cakes with all those colorful toppings. The aim is for you to bring in more customers […]

Defensoid-Best App Android

Defensoid for Android

Description Android’s Defensoid is a kind of a tower defense game that is played in an open filed style. From your own phone, you will be able to create mazes that can easily and effectively terminate the Oids. The towers that come in this game are also upgradeable. As an arcade game, not much of […]