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Rage Wars- Meme Shooter

Rage Wars- Meme Shooter

For all the fans of memes, this game is for you. You get to play with Derp while he fights off various evil memes to save his beloved Herpina. It is a shooter game based on the world of rage comics and memes. Rage Wars- Meme Shooter Description This game puts an arsenal of deadly […]

Easy Scorecard

Description The game of golf has never been made easier and more convenient by Easy Scorecard App for Android. Suggestively, the name itself speaks for the application itself. While this is ideally designed in a game of traditional golf, the application can also be applied to keep a record of scores in track disc golf. […]

US Cop Android App

Description Training to become a law enforcement officer will need some help form this very reliable android application called U.S. Cop. It is a 763-page book that has everything that an enforcement officer would ever look for in a reference material. It contains, among others, training articles on the basics of law enforcement such as […]