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Rage Wars- Meme Shooter

Rage Wars- Meme Shooter

For all the fans of memes, this game is for you. You get to play with Derp while he fights off various evil memes to save his beloved Herpina. It is a shooter game based on the world of rage comics and memes. Rage Wars- Meme Shooter Description This game puts an arsenal of deadly […]

Caligo Chaser

Description Here comes one RPG game from android that promises hours of virtual fun. Caligo Chaser is true to its name wherein a lot of chasing is to be done. In fact, this hack and slash android application will bring you to an endless collection of skills and weapons that await every character you play. […]


  Description The battle with the alien begins in this android application that spells excitement and pure action. It is also the time wherein you have to take a firm stand against aliens who invade your territory. Be ready as you face hordes of monsters and creepy treasures. Come prepared for the big battle as […]