Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

HopelessIf you’ll take a trip back down memory lane with me to Saturday’s once spent at the arcade, there is a very specific kind of game that was always the one of the most fun to play. Whether it was Galaga, or Pac-Man, or some other cabinet game, they all had one key component in common. They were easy to learn, but they were impossible to master. These games were always the best because they constantly left you wanting more, while simultaneously delivering it.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave, is like that in every sense of the phrase. It creates an environment that sucks you into it, and allows you to instantly feel good at the game. However, as it progresses, each level becomes harder and harder making it more difficult to succeed. Eventually, you and your allies are overrun in the cave. Oh, did I mention that you get adorable little glowing blobs for your allies? They’re pretty awesome to say the least.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave has also taken a few other notes from our favorite retro classics. Wave style combat. No matter how many you kill, there’s always another wave of evil monsters waiting for you. Each wave builds until it breaks, and then a whole new nightmare works on emerging from the darkness. With blobs that have upgrades from utility items to advanced weapons, there’s just a small glimmer of hope in that hopeless cave that you, and you alone, might be able to save the heroic blobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

With at least 4 different game modes that can be unlocked by simply playing the game, you have tons of challenges awaiting you as the player. Can you withstand wave after wave of an endless ocean of monsters? Can you do the same thing again, but with monsters that have to be double tapped to be put down? If you somehow master all of that, can you battle the enemy within as you face blobs that are infected with parasites and are bent on destroying everything you believe in? In addition to the numerous types of game play, the game has a soundtrack that’s bound to leave your heart racing.

So, do you think you have what it takes to survive in Hopeless: The Dark Cave? Feel free to give it your best shot; but remember, it is easy to learn but impossible to master. That in short is what makes it the perfect game. It’ll provide hours of fun with the convenience that it fits in your pocket and can be played anywhere, anytime. Not to mention that you’ll have an impossible time trying to get bored with it. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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