Change your Life in 7 Weeks with the 7 Weeks App

7 Weeks App7 Weeks is an app that is perfect for those trying to lose a bad habit, like smoking or cursing. However, it can also be useful for adding good habits in your life, like working out. It gets its name from the 7 weeks is the time it takes to rid the habit, according to author Charles Duhigg’s. This app draws heavily from his book, The Power of Habit”.

It really does help to have a reminder when trying to add a positive habit into your life because most people tend to forget and resume their regular habits That’s the reason people will get a year’s membership to a gym but never go. 7 Weeks can help you get the most of that membership and make it a habit! The app isn’t going to turn you into a superman, but it can help you organize your goals and achieve them.

Right off the back, the menu screens and user interface looks sleek and nice. The red and black is a great color palette to use. That’s just the default setting, however the app is has multiple colors to create unique interfaces.

The tutorial is simple to use, and the menu itself is intuitive. Just create a habit to start or get rid of, and every day that is successful gets a mark it on a calendar. The goal is, of course, to hit that 7-week mark which is a “success” break or start a new habit. After using the app correctly, the habit becomes part of the routine.

Thankfully, this app has plenty of useful tools and widgets guide the user. There are more features here than just a calendar. For example, in case someone forgets to workout (as a new habit they want), they can set a reminder or an alarm to remind them to workout. There will be days that you will miss or even cheat. These can be marked down too, but the app is only as honest as the user!

In a way, this app is a game to help you live a better life or even a healthier one. The goal is to make it to 49 days, you “win”, but there are no losers in this game. It seems that this app takes the mantra at “one day at a time” and doesn’t scold you if you have a cheat day. The app is simple and efficient to use, and completely. Although it does gives customers an option to upgrade that adds more features and takes out the ads. However, even the free version is a slick app.

Bottom line: This app is perfect trying to rid a bad habit and can’t seem to do it, and the easy to use interface makes it that much better.

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