Evernote – More Than a “To Do” List

EvernoteEvernote is a step above your ordinary smartphone notepad app. Not only can you type in notes, you can also attach photos and add attachments. You can create notebooks to organize your notes into different categories, to keep you as organized as possible without all the clutter and space wasting efforts of conventional hand-written notebooks. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to access your notebooks, so you can have access to your notebooks anytime, and anywhere.

Evernote also has a section where you can read the news and clip out articles to add to your notes or notebooks for research or whatever else you might use clipped articles for. This feature of clipping news articles is especially handy for keeping track of references you may need to cite for school or work papers. There is also a feature where you can see other notes, articles or people that are related to the notes or articles you have. This is a handy feature to use in conjunction with research for more references and resources at your fingertips.

Evernote is also available for desktop, so you can utilize the tools for this app anyway that you see fit. Sending emails, order numbers, confirmation codes or any other important information to your Evernote app makes productivity so simple.

Stay organized and on top of your day by taking advantage of all the features Evernote has to offer. You can share notes with others through the Work Chat feature, save information without wasting paper, and write down thoughts as they come to mind all in one place.You can also add more storage space to your Evernote application with Evernote plus or premium memberships for only $3 to $6 a month! You can save even more by buying a whole year’s worth upfront.

Evernote premium allows you to search inside documents all from your smartphone. The search includes pictures, office management documents and PDF files. You can also attach PDF files to your notes for maximum organization of thoughts and research. The Premium feature also allows you to annotate your attachments by highlighting certain areas and adding footnotes.

The premium feature offers a business card scan with just the snap of a camera from your smartphone. The scans even come with LinkedIn details! A convenient way to save time searching through the web for information about a person or a business. You can also require a passcode on your notes to keep everything safe and confidential, so sensitive information stays protected. The passcode would be required when launching the Evernote app on a smartphone or tablet.

Everything saved or written into Evernote can sync instantly to other phones and computers an efficient note-taking experience. You can change devices without having to worry about transferring information through email.

Whether you are looking for a simple notepad to write down ideas, or you are in a fast paced business where productivity and time management are essential to success, this app is a must have!

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