100 Doors 2 – App Review

100 Doors 2100 Doors 2 is the much-anticipated follow-up to 100 Doors. 100 Doors is one of the most popular puzzle games in the history Google Play Store, and the game takes you through a series of doors that will unlock a great mystery. You do not walk through the doors without working hard for the key, and you must use your imagination if you want to make your way through the game in one piece. This article explains how 100 Doors 2 properly follows up its predecessor.

Every Room Has a Puzzle

You must solve a puzzle to get from one room to the next, but you must use your imagination and items in the room to solve each puzzle. The puzzles in each room get progressively more difficult, and you must be prepared to use the items in each room in a new and unique way. Only your ingenuity will get you through each room, and you will walk into a new room that is even more difficult than the one you just left.

100 Doors Total

You must get through 100 doors if you wish to make your way to end of the game, but you will be challenged along the way. You must be prepared to think outside the box if you want to make your way to the next level, and you must use the items in each room in ways that you would not normally use them. You must think of the game like a genie who never gives you exactly what you asked for, and you must look at the items as means to an end.

It Uses Your Whole Device

You must be prepared to use your whole device when you are playing 100 Doors 2. You may shake your phone, tilt your phone and swipe on the screen to get what you want. You may forget to use these techniques when you are playing, and you will instantly run into problems that are going to cause you to get frustrated. You will avoid frustration if you are using every function of your phone to pass each level.

Search For Items Carefully

You are required to search the game for some of the items you need, and you will not be able to move on until you have found what you need. Finding the items could be just as difficult as solving each puzzle, and you must be diligent in your search for the items you need. The game does not necessarily tell you that you need a new item, but you must assume that something it missing.

100 Doors 2 is a fun game that will challenge you with puzzles that you may not understand at first. Your diligent play will help you enjoy the game more every level, and you will slowly make your way through 100 Doors to the end of the game. You may download the game now to see how the puzzles on each level work.

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