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MindlyFor most people, thoughts are easy to form but difficult to organize. Many an intelligent person spends the day struggling to organize their thoughts into a meaningful, coherent picture that makes life simpler and easier to manage. Apps like Mindly strive to help people achieve a goal humanity has been dreaming of for ages. Mindly is a very ambitious app that literally wants to map the user’s mind into an actual image that simplifies living. That might sound complicated but Mindly does a great job of making it simple.

Organizing the Inner World

Mindly knows that you have an entire universe in your mind and it takes on the task of mapping out that world into an organized and useful picture. By mapping out your thoughts, Mindly strives to map out your daily activities and make living easier for you. To a large degree, it succeeds.

Mindly’s Many Concepts

– Structured thoughts: Don’t just think. Structure those thoughts. You can take the easy way out and let Mindly do it for you, though. By structuring your thoughts, Mindly makes more sense of the things going on in your head.

– Harvest ideas: Keep track of the ideas you have during the day. Bloggers and creative people will find this feature rich in fun and productivity. Mindly’s goal is to make your ideas make sense and come to life.

– Speech writing: Most folks dread giving a speech but sometimes writing them can be just as difficult. Students will love the speech writing features of Mindly which takes on complex writing techniques and makes them a snap for speech writers.

– Quick summaries: If you do a lot of summaries in your work or academic life, you’ll love Mindly’s quick summaries. Condense complex ideas down to their simplest elements to make them the most useful for practical purposes.

Simple But Brilliant

Many people notice that their thoughts become a cluttered mess when left unchecked and free to wander. Mindly’s goal is a noble and truly ambitious one for an app. By using this app, you are attempting to master the mess of your mind and throw out the clutter of unnecessary thought elements so that the only thing left is the organized, practical, and useful thoughts that contribute to a neat, tidy life. While it’s a challenge, apps like Mindly at least give users the idea that with enough work and practice, they can master the mind and the thoughts within it.

The tech elements of Mindly are great, too. You’ll find it synced with DropBox and capable of handling as many notes as you can dish out to it. It’s a flood of ideas and thoughts all within one app and what Mindly gives you is the essential elements of your thoughts and ideas. For bloggers this app is a dream come true and for just about anyone who’s entertained by the art of thought, Mindly is one of the most unique and experimental apps out there today.

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