Floor Plan Creator App Review

Floor Plan CreatorThe Floor Plan Creator app is unlike any other application seen on the app store market. Being able to take measurements of rooms and input them into the app allows user to rearrange rooms in a virtual world to get a look that they are looking for, without all the heavy lifting and moving of furniture. Yes, of course anyone could just move their furniture around a room. But what if the flow is wrong? What if the layout is all wrong? Looks like someone will have to move the furniture again. Who wants to keep moving furniture back and forth until they get the layout they are looking for? No one.

That is why the Floor Plan Creator is an ideal app for anyone. Having the ability to create precise and detailed floor plans is an excellent tool. There are several features which are very beneficial to any interior designer or even an amateur home owner looking to rearrange the furniture. With Floor Plan Creator, the ability to add furniture to design your home makes it easier to redesign any living space. And because the app is on a mobile device anyone can take the Floor Plan Creator while you are shopping for furniture to be certain there is enough room for new furniture. No one should purchase furniture with the thought that it will fit in your space and get it in your home to realize that it does not fit. Now you have to go through the hassle of returning the furniture, use Floor Plan creator first.

The Floor Plan Creator has predefined room shapes to get you started quickly, however there is free drawing of room shapes which can be accomplished with an s-pen, a mouse or even the touch of your finger.

Some of the other features include the ability to add doors, windows, electrical and fire survey. And even with cloud synchronization to back up automatically. Some of the paid features of the app allow The user of Floor Plan Creator can even share plans between other devices and export their floor plan as an image to make available for printing if necessary.

Being a interior home designer, having floor plan creator is one of the most essential tools to carry at all times. Being able to show clients where their furniture will be and the ability to add new furniture give clients full range to make the best decisions on furniture purchases.

What else can the Floor Plan Creator do? Well, the best way is to download and see for yourself, but let get a little more information to you. You can measurements by adding a Leica Distoâ„¢ Bluetooth laser meter. These meters connect to your Bluetooth enabled devices and are able to measure your rooms and other items such as furniture within 1mm or better than 1/16th of an inch. With this accuracy, you can guarantee that the measurements are spot on and will get you the room you desire.

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