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Android DuolingoWhat happens when a developer combines a cute little green owl with learning a new language? Give up? Duolingo. That’s what happens.

Duolingo is a language-learning app that has been downloaded millions of times by millions of happy users. Along with being one of the most downloaded language apps, Duolingo has also received some rather impressive accolades from the likes of The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine. One might say that Duolingo is the very epitome of edutainment, where the goal is to blur the line between learning and having fun. Who says that studying can’t be enjoyable?

When first signing up, one of the first priorities will be picking a language. With 10 languages to choose from, this app provides an impressive lineup that may leave one making a pretty tough choice: German or Portuguese?

The lessons start out simple enough, with short phrases that accompany the pictures. For instance, the first lesson in French asks “Which of these is ‘the woman’?” and below that question are four photographs. They consist of: a cat, a woman, a boy and an orange. Below each illustration is the French translation. So under the orange is the word “l’orange.”

As one can gather, this is an obvious no-brainer. Considering the fact that choosing a correct answer is gratifying to a new learner, this app sets the stage for early success. And it is this success which motivates beginners to continue their learning.

One fun thing about Duolingo is the friend’s aspect. Conversation is not available through the app, but there is the option to add friends. After adding someone, users will be able to see (and compare!) their scores as well as see that person’s friend list. Seeing how your fluency score stacks up against someone else’s friends can spark a competitive fire, which adds an interesting dynamic to learning a language.

Degree of difficulty increases along with level advancement, which is the name of the game with most apps. Duolingo starts with simple words and gradually builds until the learner is practicing complex sentences and phrases.

It is easy to become confused or frustrated when learning a new language. That’s where another cool feature of Duolingo comes in. When the user provides an inaccurate translation, there is an option that allows learners to view conversations that other Duolingo users are having about that exact phrase. Seeing other people discuss something that one is having trouble with can be immensely helpful.

While it may not be feasible to expect to become fluent in a new language through an app, Duolingo sure does make it fun.

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