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Comixology Comics AppThe Comics app provides avid comic book readers access to the more than 75,000 comic books and graphic novels available for purchase or free download at the ComiXology comic publications aggregator. Through the Comic app, users can read downloaded content right from their device using ComiXology’s Guided View reader technology, an Internet-based reader.

The technology enables app users to pore through comic book contents in full-screen, or read from panel-to-panel, simulating the same experience as that of reading a comic book hard copy issue.

Originally developed as an iOS device mobile application, a Comics app for Android devices is now available for free download at the Google Play Store, to users of mobile phones and tablets running on Android OS Versions 2.2 and up.

A Closer Look at the Comics App Features and Tools   

First off, the full service use of the Comics app requires users to create an account, which comes with an implied agreement to ComiXology’s Terms and Conditions. The app requires the user to indicate his or her date of birth, in order to determine the player’s age. Once an account has been created, Comics app users can purchase and read a wide array of titles via the Guided Review panel-to-panel presentation or in full-page mode. The purchases, however, are subject to age restrictions. It will not allow those that do not meet the age requirement to purchase books recommended for older readers, i.e. 15+ and 17+.

Browsing for Book Titles

The app presents the titles according to Featured, comprising the most recent comic book releases, issues coming out as digital firsts, as well as those newly added to ComiXology’s comics catalogue. The featured titles are available as in-app purchase items, and are presented with the related purchase price.

They can also base their title search according to the most popular, under two sections: Top Paid and the Top Free titles.  A comprehensive rundown of the freebies can be viewed under the FREE tab, where they can find highly recommended free titles. They can also browse through all free books under the View All tab.

Since there are tens of thousands of book titles available, comics app users can look for titles via the Menu categories. Here, the ComiXology collection can be viewed according to publishers, series type, Story Arc (episodic kind), or genre. Searching by genres can be carried out under categories that include science fiction, martial arts, crime, supernatural, horror, lifestyle, movie/tv, children’s and nineties (90s) selection. Comics users can also browse via theme-specific genres listed alphabetically from A- Action to Z-Zombies.

Purchasing a Chosen Title

Once they find a book that they would like to purchase or download free, they can simply click on the CART icon, which opens the in-app store. The process follows basically the usual in-app store purchase procedures.

Downloading a Free App

To download a free content, a Comics app user can get it from the in-app store by adding it to the CART, and then tapping on the Purchase button, for a S0.00 purchase amount. The user will have to confirm the purchase by indicating his or her ComiXology account password. The app then will notify the Comics app buyer if the purchase is successful. After which, the content will be ready to download.

Organizing the Book Collection 

Comics app furnishes users with a Smart List that enables users to manage their comics collection.

Once the book has been downloaded, the Comics app users will find the title included in the My Books section. This is where all purchases, paid or free are pulled together and presented as Recently Purchased, Downloaded and/or Unread. Users will be able to track if a purchased title has already been downloaded, by checking if an item under the Recently Purchased section is already included in the list of Downloaded contents.


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