HellFire: The Summoning App

Hellfire the SummoningHellFire: The summoning is quite an interesting game. Dangerous creatures have found a way to break the chains of hell. They have opened the gates and are now wreaking havoc in our world. You are the Gate hunter and you are tasked with the job of closing the rift between the two worlds and killing the creatures.

You will be expected to pick cards to add to your deck, which can hold up to nine cards. The cards are associated with elements. The elements are water, fire, death and earth. Each element is stronger against another. Water will put out the fire, fire will burn death, death kills earth and earth is stronger than water. You can combine the different cards as you wish.

You destroy your enemies by flicking balls representing different elements. Since the creatures are found all over the screen, you will have to aim and to vary the speed of the flick. You will have a number of turns before they can also attack you. Each enemy will have a number next to them. The number represents the number of turns that you have before they can attack you.

You can team up with allies against your enemies. You pick an ally just before a battle. What an ally does is out of your control and their attacks are random. The game adopts a liners form of progression. You get to play the normal battles before graduating to a boss fight. Updates occur often and this gives you access to more battles and unlocks other special features including new creatures and special cards.

There are a number of ways to summon new creatures. You can use the ally jewels given to you after teaming up with an ally and helping each other out, silver, bronze and gold won after participating in certain events or by using mobacoins, which you purchase with real money.

There is an upside to this game. Whenever there are new updates, the phone is bound to lock and it can be quite frustrating. The game will initially start to slow down. It is advisable to stop playing at this point and try again at another time. The game could also do much better with a wider variety of music.

Hellfire is a visual spectacle. The creatures on the cards are beautiful. The art work is superb and the animation in the back is eye catching. It is a simple game which is very simple to learn but it is challenging nevertheless. With new updates and new content to download, the game is far from being redundant. You will definitely enjoy this game. All factors considered, I would give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

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