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Mindjet Maps for Android is a productivity app developed by Mindjet to help you organize and prioritize your life. It allows you to graphically organize pictures that you capture from daily activities, take notes and track activities. You can easily access this information from any place with internet or wireless connection. It is an ideal tool for you to take to the office or for organizing your thoughts on the go. It is easy for you to enter ideas and notes into the app to develop an interesting graphic organization tool. It is especially useful for organizing your thoughts, and you can share these things easily with other people. You can share your ideas by uploading Mindject Maps to file sharing websites.

Mindjet Maps is a useful platform for individuals and companies. They are all about creating useful, innovative technology. The company develops interesting social dynamics, game mechanics and patented algorithms to help with creative innovation. They offer other similar applications and software to help with brainstorming, project management and other business planning activities. In order to use Mindjet Maps on your Android device you will need a free trial of Mindjet or a subscription to the paid web account. After acquiring the trial or subscription, you will be set to integrate this powerful productivity app into your creative process.

Features of the App

This app allows its users to organize information quickly and easily by capturing it with the device’s camera and, after capturing it, you can add it to your graphic organizer to brainstorm for your creative process. The app allows you to zoom in and out on pictures before you place them into your organizer. It also allows for some customizing of titles and icons.

You can take notes on the topics you would like and, after adding a note, you can easily go back to edit. You can add subtopics to any note easily with a touch of a finger or stylus. In the same manner, you can add a sibling category to any point in the organizer. If you need to delete or re-arrange topics or pictures, then look at the task-bar and you should find everything easily displayed for you. Adding notes, topics, subtopics and sibling topics is a quick and easy process.

The app is fully integrated to allow you to upload and share with your other devices. It is easy for you to take your work from the computer at the office to your home computer or Android device. Everything syncs with the click of a few buttons to Dropbox, a file sharing website. Then, it is pretty easy to pick up where you left off on another device. This can save a lot of time and energy. It is also a helpful feature if you plan to show your creative process to coworkers, friends, family or investors.


Mindjet Maps helps you flesh out ideas graphically. Instead of carrying around a pen and paper you have everything stored in one place. By using Dropbox for file sharing it is essentially a cloud-based system. You should have no problem taking your work from one device to the other. It would be easier to bypass Dropbox, but for now this is a great app to help you organize your thoughts. Mindjet Maps for Android gets a 10 out of 10. It is a simple and useful way to graphically organize your thoughts. It requires a paid membership or you need to sign up for a free trial, which can limit some folks.

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