Rage Wars- Meme Shooter

For all the fans of memes, this game is for you. You get to play with Derp while he fights off various evil memes to save his beloved Herpina. It is a shooter game based on the world of rage comics and memes.

Rage Wars- Meme Shooter


This game puts an arsenal of deadly weapons in the hands of Derp on his quest to rescue his Herpina, so get ready for a lot of RPGs, machine guns and rocket launchers. The amazing thing about this game is that it takes the popular rage comics that you probably have seen on 9gag or Reddit and it gives them life. The game has thirty levels of continuous killing and action and it also have cut scenes to make sure that you are totally invested in the storyline and to keep you entertained.


So you are guaranteed to have fun blowing things up and killing your favorite memes. It also has an arena mode where you can call your friends to a challenge to see who the last man is standing. One of the most interesting features is the Rage button, you click it when you are cornered or in a tight spot, and it will unleash hell onto your enemies.


Overall rating 5/5. This due to the originality of the game and for the fact that it is the first game to pay attention to the popularity of memes and rage comics.


So, if you are a fan of rage comics, AKA memes, then this is made for you. Of course, since it’s a game based on rage comics, you can expect to get trolled more than once.

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