Sky Force Reloaded



Are you up for lots of shooting and bigger explosions? Look no further in this Sky Force Reloaded android application that promises to give you nothing but blasts and more blasts. Thus far, this best mobile shooter is all about action and explosion backed up by an excellent graphics and superb sound track. Other than that, landscapes, towers and mountains were all done realistically. Even your prized ship has taken on a great look because of features that can be upgraded including new missiles. Sky force Reloaded is definitely for people who are nuts about vertical shooting.


8 levels of exciting challenges

New and more powerful enemies

Better sound quality

Excellent graphics

Interactive objects in 3D format


9/10. If you are a big fan of hardcore shooting, Sky Force Reloaded is for you. Since you have the option to decide on the level of difficulty that you want and the kind of ship that you want to maneuver, you have a game that best suits your skills.


Sky Force Reloaded is an android application that can satisfy every vertical shooter’s need of a challenging game of exploding bombs and missiles. With its exciting graphics backed up with an impressive sound track there is still more that Sky Force Reload has to offer.


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