Pewpew by Android brings you back to the days of game arcades wherein geometrical shapes and figures take the center stage. There is no difficult or easy level, thus, you just have to stick with what it has to offer. More often tan not, the game itself is very hard to achieve. On the contrary, it allows you to progress in such a way that you can earn more points, have better ships and better fire power and stronger shields. For the first timer, a tutorial lesson is readily available.


Uses geometric shapes to represent enemies

Four different game modes

Upbeat sound track that can be put off

Tutorial before a game


8/10. Too much of battle ships and fighter planes can be monotonous. However, with Pewpew, you will be confronted with different enemies in geometric shapes. As you progress, the game can be a lot of fun even if without a difficulty level.


Android’s Pewpew is for people who missed what gaming is all about twenty years ago. Upgraded and enhanced, Pewpew comes in more vibrant colors and a sound track that suits perfectly well with every move and strike that you make. Most of all, you will not join the battle field empty handed because of its tutorial lesson that is available all the time.

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