Best Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5

Android Market Best Android AppsBest Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5

Have you updated your Android Market Yet? There was a release of a new Android Market update which has been available for a few days now. The Android Market 3.1.5 has shown to run a lot smoother on Tablets and is much faster on smartphones than they previous version.

Android Market App

The new version of the Market app has made a lot of behind the scene changes that overall simply make the app faster and less buggy/crashy/glitchy. The app does appear to have a nice crisp look to it which is connected to its better tablet pc performance.

Google Plus One and Apps

3.1.5 did not have as many fixes and changes as the previous version. The last version was much more hearty as it introduced Google Plus One to apps and also a PIN security feature to prevent accidentally doing a barrel roll or making purchases on the Android app market.

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  2. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easier!

  3. Vershima says:

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