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Reminiscent of the first video games, Yoo Ninja is lots of fun and action. It is a gravity game which is fast paced and can bring the player to different levels of difficult obstacles. Just like a ninja, you will able to move freely but you also need to avoid darts and other obstacles. They key in winning the game is quick thinking and better reflexes. You need to be very quick when it comes to avoiding obstacles. Otherwise, you will fall into the abyss or you will have to start all over again.


One touch arcade game loaded with fun and excitement

Its story mode comes with 34 level but there is an endless mode as well

Four worlds to conquer

Superb ending


9/10. Yoo Ninja lives up to its name as a game where a lot of action and adventure unfolds. Get mesmerized by its many obstacles and challenges not to mention the dangers that go with avoiding them.


Yoo Ninja by android may have a simple plot but it only gets better as you move up since the obstacles become harder too. You can have your choice between playing on an endless or story mode. Regardless of your choice, only the best of action and thrills can happen with  Yoo Ninja.

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