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Embark on a 7 year war with Android’s Spectra Souls application. Whether you want to play Human or Demon army, you can experience the best that both worlds have to offer. Besides, you can choose from among the 84 characters that are distinct on their own. Exclusive with Android you can only expect for the best soundtracks and the most colorful images. You can play for as long as you want with its hundreds of hours of GamePlay. Fans of Spectra Souls must not let this game pass without giving it a try. Considerably priced higher than most applications of the same kind, you get more than what you have bargained for.



Soundtracks in 52 kinds


Graphic assets in high resolution


Cut-scene videos


Compatible for touch and keyboard


Xperia Play optimized




9/10. Longer hours of playing this game will not make you stop from enjoying the thrill and excitement that each character brings. Optimum resolution set at its highest, installation is rather long. At any rate, this application is every gamer’s dream come true.


Spectra Souls is an Android exclusive that promises hours of ultimate adventure. Excellent colors and the best soundtracks make the entire gaming experience superbly fantastic and amazing. With more than hundreds of hours of playing, there are much that the different challenges have to offer.


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