Illusia App for Android


Every game of Illusia promises thrill and action as lots of stories unfold. This game of role playing is made even more exciting of graphics that are patterned from anime. Unlock the secrets that are buried deep in Illusia’s tower. While battling with mythical creatures and other characters, get inspired by its unique storyline and matching soundtrack. The game contains seven levels but you can also choose your own mode of playing.



Seven stages of exciting adventure set against a colorful backdrop

Multiple modes to suit your gaming preference

Skillful characters that can be upgraded

Excellently customized visuals


8/10. Illusia by Android is a lot of fun for everyone. It will not bore you with all its characters that can be upgraded and customized by transforming them into characters with different weapons.


Illusia is an android application that attempts to give every player a piece of everything – a nice soundtrack, impressive visuals and a plot that keeps one itching for more complicated challenges. Lovers of adventures will find Illusia an excellent game that will keep one busy on a lazy afternoon. It has all the elements of what a great adventure is supposed to be – playful characters and versatile weaponry.

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