Heyzap Android App


How would you like to know if what games your friends are up to? Perhaps, you might like to get a piece of the hottest and the latest game in town. All of these are possible with Heyzap. It lets you in with the latest game everybody in town is playing. Consequently, if you have not yet discovered what exciting games you have in your phone, Heyzap will be able to help you with them. It will also let you share different gaming tips that are all very helpful in making good scores.

heyzap android app


New games to be discovered and played

Tips and games sharing

Unlock Gaming badges

Clickable top bar buttons

Removal of bugs


8/10. Heyzap is an excellent android application that will satisfy someone’s curiousity as to what games are so engrossed at the moment. It also contains other features that will appeal a true blue gamer.


Here comes something that will make your gaming adventure a lot more fun. Heyzap by android brings you closer to your friends as you check on the games that they are currently playing. It also gives you an opportunity to share whatever games and tips that you have. Among its other features, you can also explore other games that you have in your cellphone.

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