Defensoid for Android


Android’s Defensoid is a kind of a tower defense game that is played in an open filed style. From your own phone, you will be able to create mazes that can easily and effectively terminate the Oids. The towers that come in this game are also upgradeable. As an arcade game, not much of elaborate graphics can be seen. Nonetheless, its sound track is just perfect. What sets this game apart from the others is how each level comes with a different obstacle that needs to be hurdled. Well, you do not have any opponent but yourself. As such, beating yourself in your own level is what Defensoid is all about.

Defensoid-Best App Android


Well planned and designed levels

Two modes of playing

Nice graphics and just the right sound track

Excellent level design


8/10. Different tower games have been introduced but Defensoid is among those that keep one challenged from one level to another. The graphics are simple and you will not be bothered by its soundtrack at all.


Defensoid is a tower game that challenges your skills in making mazes and avoiding obstacles. It is a game that also hones your skills along the way. It admits of certain flaws but the struggle to beat one’s own self is just hard to resist.


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