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Car Locator

No other application allows you to locate your car the way Android’s Car Locator does. It can easily bring you to where you just parked amid a parking lot that is surrounded by hundreds of other vehicles. Thanks to its impressive features, the Car Locator has become one of the most popular Android applications. It can save up to 3 cars automatically in your blue tooth and can provide you with a location history in just one click. In finding your way towards your car, you will be given with an accurate walking or driving directions straight to your vehicle. How do you do it? Well, you can either shake your phone, use the option on the menu or you may double tap the map for an instant direction.

Best Android Apps Car Locator


Precise parking timer with a radar view and a map

Location history

Allows one to send to another phone the car’s exact location

Available photos and notes for location


9/10. Almost perfect, the Car Locator is definitely an Android masterpiece. It makes parking and finding your car a lot easier and hassle free.


Every now and then, you get lost in a huge parking lot. That will not come as a problem anymore with Android’s Car Locator. Its excellent features will bring you straight to your car in  a jiffy.


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