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What can be more exciting than helping a mouse trapped in a laboratory? This is the very essence of android’s Mouse Trap. It is a very simple game with the simplest mechanics yet it can be very addicting. Basically a puzzle game, Mouse Trap offers you the best gaming experience as you battle though mazes and blocks that get in the way of your escape. Earn more coins to be able to unlock bonus points and level packs. With more than a thousand level to play with, nothing can be as challenging as Mouse Trap.


1200 levels of games

Constantly updated

Hidden points and bonuses to be unlocked


8/10. The Mouse Trap is an exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours. It does not have elaborate graphics and going through the maze can be monotonous. However, with new and challenging levels and challenges introduced every now and then, boredom is totally out of the question.


The Mouse Trap by Android has all the simplicity of an ordinary game. In spite of that, it is able to deliver a kind of entertainment that is loved by many of its followers. Who will not? With its more than one thousand levels to hurdle, one can never ask for anything more.

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  1. Danny says:

    I’m confused about three bonuses you can unlock in mouse trap and can not seem to find the answer anywhere. Coin master IV says “obtain a coin when you break a weak bloc” Then Feature master 1 says “break weak bloc by clicking on it” ??? I have clicked on every block and none have broken. The last one I am confused about is Secret master I “can buy secret levels”. So basically how do you break blocks and where do you buy these secret levels?

    I am half way threw level 9 flower field and the only bonus I have not purchased yet is “I’m a VIP ticket”

    Otherwise love the game 🙂

  2. noname says:

    The only block you can break is in level 1-9. (in Tutorial)
    There is a bonus behind it.

    I didn’t find the secret levels and “I’m a VIP Ticket” does nothing, too.

  3. Wendy Conant says:

    Does anyone know what I’m a Supa Mouse is? You need 5100 points to buy it.

  4. Wendy says:

    In tutorial 1-9 you can break the block hit the light bulb then reset and do it over again to earn a coin each time!

  5. kasey says:

    The secret levels u get them after you get VIP ticket and beat sawmill lworld!!! I haven’t got to play them yet though you have to beat the original worlds

  6. brian says:

    Im on level 20. I jus got all the secret levels. They show up in bonus menu when available and they are the last level in each level example 1-100 then the secret level. U have to go back to evert level its after the 100th one on ever level.

  7. Clare says:

    I have bought the VIP ticket and it says ‘Make sure you get your VIP Ticket’. Does anyone know if this is hidden anywhere or if you need to do anything further to get it? The secret levels are starting to come up and I’m working through them at the moment. Also has anyone got a Coin Master level beyond V??! Thanks!

  8. Lori says:

    How do you break the bloc on level 1-9? I’ve completed every level and can’t get it to break.

  9. Martins says:

    hey,i ‘ ve finished all 20 levels ,now i have level 21 and 22 but i cant play them. they are blocked. and secret level 20 doesnt appear in bonus room. what can i do?

  10. vvassiliki says:

    Hello everyone!I’m clicking on the weak bloc at 1-9 and it doesn’t break but i have already unlocked the feature master I.Any ideas?

  11. erin says:

    I cannot get the block to break in level 1-9. What do you have to do? (besides getting feature master 1 and coin master 4)

  12. cassie says:

    How do you get the vip ticket?

  13. holly13 says:

    How can I break a bloc?

  14. ankit says:

    what is in coin master V and how to break a block in level 1-9

  15. Solli says:

    Coin Master V is “double the coin earning”.

    But I haven’t found a single “breakable” block which makes Coin Master IV rather pointless.

  16. Solli says:

    Yeah, “break weak bloc” works finally!

  17. monki says:

    And how? I can’t break it…

  18. MomKat says:

    The secret levels show up at the end of each level after you purchase them. For example, secret 2 shows up after game 100 of level 2 once you spend 50 coins to purchase it. It has bonus coins and a bloc to break. It’s just for fun, and when you complete it, a green check shows up on the level, indicating that you have finished, and a message reads “I’m the boss of level 2” in the area where you spend points.

  19. Patriot Pete says:

    I finally am a SUPA MOUSE. It took me until World 32. However, I don’t see a thing different after being declared a Supa Mouse. One thing I have noticed is that I have green checkmarks on all worlds except for World 20. My Secret Levels also stop at 19-1 in the Bonus Store. I’ve revisited World 20 but can’t seem to get the green checkmark. Any ideas? Also, anyone else a Supa Mouse here?

  20. scotty says:

    @ patriotic pete, I’m in the exact same boat

  21. PATWIST says:

    Hello, Im a lvl 13 and I have 50 coins. I go for Supa Mouse =D
    GL ALL 😉

  22. supa cari says:

    Supa mouse here! Now I can finally break the blocking 1-9.

  23. Mouse whit VIP says:

    what does the V.I.P Ticket do?

  24. Alexandre says:

    I’m exactly as Patriot Pete
    The Supa Mouse ou Vip didn’t do nothing.

  25. erk says:

    yo llevo tiempo jugando este juego y les explico los niveles secretos son un nivel que va despues del nivel 100 en cada mundo , cada nivel secreto cuesta 50 monedas y les digo que no vale la pena comprarlos por que todos los nivel secretos son lo mismo si quieren pueden comprar uno para que vean como es pero no compren mas .cuando van a la tienda por ejemplo si ya pasaron los 100 niveles de el mundo 2 entonces pueden comprar el secret s2-1 (el s2 significa que es el nivel secreto que esta despues de el 100 en el mundo 2)

  26. Patriot Pete says:

    I have now bought everything there is to buy in the Bonus Store. I’m a VIP Ticket, VIP Store, I’m a Supa Mouse, Score Master V, Rebate Master III, Star Master III, Coin Master V, Feature Master I, Secret Master I, Secrets S2-1 thru S19-1, and I’m the Boss XIX. I still cannot seem to find how to get past Secret S19 (which I guess has something to do with being “I’m the Boss XIX). Is this the end of the road, or is there more?

  27. Eluutz says:

    @partiot pete
    got the same problem, no green checkup at world 20, secret levels end with lvl 19 (no secret level 1 either);

    what do i do with all that coins now? havin > 3k coins and nothing to spend them on…

  28. Mike says:

    I bought Supa Mouse today. Similar to you, nothing changed. It took me 22 levels to buy it. Now I’m in 23. Also I don’t have green mark in the level 20.

  29. Sarah says:

    Okay basically this is the way it works –

    To get some “stores” you have to find the little question mark buttons hidden behind blocks in some of the earlier worlds like coins – I think worlds 1 thru 5 have them, but I don’t remember which stores you have to find and which ones you can just unlock in the bonus store itself.

    The Secret Store is the one you have to find in order to be able to buy secret levels for all the worlds.

    Once you get “Feature Master” store, buy Feature Master I which gives you the ability to break weak blocks. Then go to Level 9 in World 1 (tutorial) and you can break the cracked block and get another Store.

    Once you get Coin Master store, buy all of the Coin Masters until you get Coin Master IV, which allows you to get a coin when you break that weak block in level 9 of World 1. Then you can reset the level as many times as you want and break the weak block a million times until you have all the coins you need. Also, by the time you have Coin Master IV, you will have Coin Master I, II, and III as well which give you coins if you get to the exit, beat the time limit, and make the correct number of moves. You can go back in the worlds and redo each level one more time and get coins for them if you meet those requirements.

    The VIP ticket only gives a little graphic that says VIP ticket that shows in the main menu behind the mouse.

    I just bought I’m a Supa Mouse and it hasn’t done anything at all for me.

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