AirAttack HD for Android


This two-part application by Android is definitely the hottest air attack game with impressive 3D graphics. It brings you straight to the battlefield with all the noise and the action. It comes with 8 great missions and enemy types that number up to 58. Thus, you will never get bored because of the many choices you have to choose from. With its 3 difficulty levels, you can start from the easiest and improve your skills as you progress to the more difficult modes. It is realistically made with all the works. Bridges get burn and buildings collapse just like in what a real air attack can do. Couple the action with amazing audio-visual effects and what you will get is pure thrill and excitement.



Real time physics

Special weapons including 2 planes

Comes with LightMaps and SpecularMaps for a more realistic 3D effect

Control types include Joystick, Touch Tilt or Relative

App2SD support


9/10. Air attack by Android comes close to perfecting what a real game of air strike is supposed to be. It is filled with action and will make you ask for more.


People who are up to a game of air strike will get more from Android’s AirAttack. With its excellent features that include amazing audio and visual clarity, becoming like a true fighter pilot has never been this good.


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