The Best Android Apps Racing Games Apps

Best Android Apps Racing Games AppsThe Best Android Apps Racing Games Apps

Reckless Racing

Reckless Racing should only be used on higher end androids because it makes use of some intense HD graphics. Reckless Racing is a good racer and has a variety of tracks with asphalt and dirt and you can race in rally cars and trucks. It has the standard tier system of progress with difficulty levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Reckless Racing has a Dukes of Hazzard kind of feel to it and plays off Southern character stereotypes as you play against Cletus, Floyd and Bubba. Played it with the sound down because of that fact, so that was a plus. They did build in a chat system, but one of the better features of Reckless Racing is the ability to trade ghost races with your friends.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift is one of the highest downloaded racing game apps on the Android Market, we didn’t really see what the hoopla was all about though. The graphics are about as good as a PS1, the car selection is one of the largest, but the controls were kind of iffy sometimes. The content is great, eighteen tracks, decent AI, but not really feeling it for $4.99. It’s a decent app that is selling like a best app, but you can probably hold out for something better.

Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is a more animated arcade racer, with ramped up physics. Not the most realistic of racers but the game play keeps you coming back. If you love arcade racing style games then Raging Thunder 2 is a good choice. They included five single player modes which is a good thing. Time Attack and Survival are fairly challenging. The cross platform multiplayer was a little laggy on 3G, but 4G cleared that up.

Drag Racing

This is a best android apps freebie download that is actually worth it. Drag Racing is actually better than some of the paid racing games, but it’s just drag so a totally different genre. There’s a great selection of muscle cars, nitrous boosts and there’s a little bit of strategy involved. If the developers keep adding to it, then it wouldn’t be hard to say that this is the best drag racing app on the market.


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