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Squibble is challenging enough to keep a healthy addiction to an Android game app going.  Squibble is a little octopus with sticky tentacles.  You navigate Squibble through castles and other environments moving with swinging motion from your tentacles or shooting across the map like a slingshot.  Squibble Lite is the free version and while it does offer a decent amount of play time, the ads are incredibly annoying.  For some they may be annoying enough to pay for a version without ads and for others, it will just make them mad and they will have to install a really great game.

The controls are highly responsive and those that are great at Angry Birds may find that their expertise carries over to Squibble.  The developers have also added a neat bonus feature in which they add new levels for free.  Squibble for Android is quickly becoming the most popular app on the Android Market.

New levels are added with updates and each update to date has added about two levels per update.  Check this app out if you love high quality games like Angry Birds.

squibble best android apps

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