Guerrilla Bob Best Android Apps

Guerrilla Bob Best Android Apps

What makes a game incredible, amazing and something you want to tell your buddies about? Guerrilla Bob would be a great example of this type of gaming app. Lets look at the number one feature, does it allow you to blow up stuff with a ton of explosives and other weaponry? Check! Does it have cross-platform multiplayer, oh yes, oh most definitely and it actually works unlike some other attempts that have been made by other developers. There are some levels where you might actually need to join forces in the co-op multiplayer option to get through it. The action is intense and adding some help can make it a blast.

Look at some of the most memorable games in the past and consider why they are so legendary now. Duke Nukem is a very popular franchise that mixed action, weapons and humor together, which is exactly what Guerrilla Bob has accomplished.
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Fast Paced Shooter App for Android

You can play against some of the toughest enemy AI ever and make your way to the epic bosses. You aren’t limited to the single player action, but you will want to run through the game a few times with the different difficulty modes. The longevity of play for this game is incredible. The devs really went all out on this game and if contracted professional voice over performers.

Bragging Rights

Another great feature is of course the OPENFEINT Leaderboards and additional achievements. Not only do you get to kick ass because you forgot your chewing gum, but you can also brag about it. Using the co-op multiplayer feature is really one of the best things about this game. While you may have to go slumming and pic up an iPhone or Mac player, that shouldn’t hurt your chances all that much.

Since the game is also PC based it has opened up a lot of options for teamwork. This game is a definite download, well worth the price and will continue to stay at the top of the fighting and shooting games for some time.

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