Best Android Music Apps GuitarTapp Tabs and Chords Trial

GuitarTapp is one of the better music tab apps on the market. It’s from the UK, at least we think it is, it has that squiggly mark instead of a dollar sign, anyway, the free version of GuitarTapp is only limited to 10 tabs. The pay version which is about a buck and quarter gives you unlimited access and allows for saving on SD. Yes, you can get tabs free on the internet, but this app actually makes collecting your tabs and finding chords a lot easier.

They threw in a rate the tab feature which felt like it was an afterthought, but it is kind of cool having a share feature for twitter and facebook in the app. The best thing about GuitarTapp is that it autoscrolls which is helpful. One thing that the developer suggests is using it on a tabletpc as a teleprompter. That’s actually a really smart idea, we don’t subject people to what we call music just yet, but hey, when we get that gig we’ll keep it in mind.

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