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This is an app that we’ve been waiting for.  OfficeSuite Pro lets you edit and view Word and Excel files.  It has a lot of great features and the integration with Google Docs is really important because there are a lot of businesses moving to the Google suite of products for business.

OfficeSuite Pro also allows you to edit and view PowerPoint files which is something that we haven’t seen in an Android app before.  The developers are really pushing the fact that you can view PDF with the app, but that’s not really a selling point, because there are plenty of PDF viewers on the market.

The price for this app is actually kind of reasonable.  There was a long pause before hitting purchase, but there are enough useful features in OfficeSuite Pro that fifteen dollars is worth it.  If you are looking for a way to edit your Word or Excel documents, then this is the best Android app in comparison to the other tools on the Android market right now.  The controls are smooth and responsive and the full functionality of Word and Excel is in there.


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