Best Android Apps Mobsters, Soldiers, Vampires, Knights and Zombies Oh My

If you ever played Mafia Wars on Myspace or any RPG, Massively Multiplayer Turn-turn-based webapp type games and enjoyed them, then you have a lot to choose from for the Android.  Developer Storm8 has released an app for nearly every single genre imaginable.  These turn based game apps can immediately be incredibly disappointing if you were expecting some kind of awesome 3d experience only to be met with 2d graphics and a dungeons and dragons style of gameplay.  The descriptions on the market aren’t… well that descriptive.

These games can be incredibly addictive.  The one that we have been playing for a couple of weeks is Zombies Live.  You’ll find that the game systems are virtually exactly the same except for the theme of the game.  You build an army of zombies, soldiers, knights, vampires, mobsters, depending on the game and you go up levels for attacking other players or performing quests and missions.  The higher the level, the more powerful your army becomes.  They can be incredibly entertaining and highly addictive.  Zombies Live even notifies us when something is happening in the game.

So, as long as you know what you are getting into, you will love these games.  Picking one genre and sticking with it will probably be your best bet, because one game can consume a good portion of your day.  Also keep in mind that these games are almost 100% funded by in game ads.  Most are tastefully kept to only certain pages in the game, but fair warning, yes there are ads and yes these games will need permissions to run them.


Storm8 Games:

best android apps mobsters

Storm8 Mobsters

bestandroidapps world at war

Storm8 World at War

best android apps vampires

Storm8 Vampires



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