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HD Qbism takes puzzle games to an entirely new level.  You may be dissapointed to discover that Qbert does not make an appearance, which is what we were hoping for; is there a secret level in Qbism that has Qbert?  If anyone knows leave us a note.  If you like your games to make your brain expand and work on overdrive to complete 3d puzzles, then HD Qbism is a definite dowload.  Work and rotate exploded rubiks cubes and put them back together into interesting predefined 3d shapes.  Blowfish has a couple of fun games out and Qbism is one of them.
The game isn’t overly complicated and the clean graphics and soundtrack are mesmerizing.  The soundtrack can be a little too mesmerizing after awhile, especially if a puzzle is giving you a hard time.  Slide cubes, move left, down,up right and receive positive, life affirming messages when yuo successfully complete a puzzle, what more could you ask?  Qbism has the simplicity of a Tetris and you know how well that game turned out.


Sleek, Stylish and Friendly Interface
Backgrounds are Dynamic
Over 139 Puzzles to Complete
Zoom feature
Responsive Touch Command
Stat Monitoring
Soundtrack by Robot Science


10/10  It is what it is and that’s a good game.  Even though there’s not epic battles or destruction of property, Blowfish has developed a solid game here and if you give them 2 dollars, they’ll be able to develop more games which will increase your happiness and therefore add to the happiness of the world.  Blowfish wants your 2 dollars and you should let them have it.

best android apps qbism

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  1. James says:

    My favorite right now i love this game

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