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Android paid games have to be decent because if they aren’t the will get flamed from here to every corner of the internet.  Beatdown Boxing is a good one this week, because we noticed that we haven’t included any Best Android Apps for the Boxing Fan.

Beatdown Boxing has clean graphics, good play and controls and leaves you satisfied when you KO these punks they throw at you.  If you’re a fan of Punchout then Beatdown Boxing is a suitable facsimile.  It’s 2d so don’t expect anything like Fight Night, this app is geared towards taking out some frustrations by smacking some pixels around.  Not realistic but still entertaining as you start in the amateur circuit and work your way up through 15 opponents.

Just like with any other game for the Android, try to not play it in public because getting up from a knockdown and having to furiously tap your Android will pretty much make you look like a crazy person, or at least someone with severe issues with their smartphone.

Listen, try the demo first, this one is pretty pricey at around $3.99.  If it came down a little more it would seem way more reasonable.  We consider Beatdown Boxing a Best Android App not for the price, but for the entertainment level and also because it’s a Requiem Software Labs Release and for the most part, these devs are releasing quality content like Armored Strike.


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